Kuwait is an expensive destination, so prepare yourself for sticker shock! We had a brief transit in Kuwait and wanted to see what one of the world’s leading oil exporters had to offer the budget backpacker. This list is rather short, but we were highly impressed with the Scientific Center, which houses one of the largest aquariums in the Middle East. A stroll along the Arabian Gulf Street brought us to the Kuwaiti Towers, which offers a fantastic bird’s eye view of the city. And of course, a quick hop to the gold souk to see the gold jewelry on sale was enough to round out our brief excursion here.

The Scientific Center's aquarium is second to none…one of the Middle East’s best! Apparently, there is a program allowing certified divers into the aquarium on the weekends We joined a throng of mesmerized visitors gazing at the shark tank We've been lucky enough to see similar giant blue clams out in the ocean View of Kuwait from our high rise apartment  One nice thing about Kuwait is that spectacular sunsets are commonplace Robby chilling on the beach in front of the Kuwaiti Towers Bird’s eye view of a nearby amusement park from the Kuwaiti Tower viewing deck Detail of the Kuwaiti Tower Looking out through the Kuwaiti Tower window Waterfront property in Kuwait is extremely popular! Micky D's is everywhere Kuwaiti flags proudly waving at this popular shopping mall View of the endless boats docked in a harbor Fish by the basketful at the fish market Local fishermen clowning around at the fish market The Kuwaiti fish market has all kinds of fish for sale Preparing the boat for a future fishing trip; Kuwait Harbor "Mister, fish for sale for you!" A friendly fisherman waves in greeting; Kuwait harbor Lots of wooden fishing vessels in the harbor It is quite common to see locals wearing traditional garb while out on the town If you are expecting souks from the Arabian nights, guess again! The downtown souks are quite modern Kuwait's gold souk has plenty of jewelry on sale… all of which are made of high quality 22 carat (or higher) gold A snapshot of a downtown fast food eatery Kuwaitis must like their chicken fresh… they can't get any fresher! We think mosques are just so beautiful... and there seems to be one on every corner An elderly Kuwaiti man takes a break from working on his carpet Two Kuwaiti men wearing the traditional dishdasha with checkered gutra. The Kuwaiti woman is wearing an Aba, a black head to toe gown One of Kuwait's countless government buildings A mosque minaret dominates the skyline in this remote section of town Early morning sunrise; Kuwait Hilton Robby chilling by the pool at the Kuwait Hilton The Gold Souk’s courtyard A “Free Kuwait” liberation poster Boy reading the Koran in Kuwait City Decorated minarets such as this one are commonplace throughout Kuwait Becky standing in front of the Kuwaiti Towers View of the Kuwaiti Towers Fortunately for most expats working in Kuwait, housing is typically an apartment close to the ocean Front of Sharq Mall Scenic fountain near the Scientific Center Close up of a vessel’s flag; outside the Scientific Center Restored fleet of old sailing vessels on display at the Scientific Center Becky at the main entrance to the Scientific Center Steer clear from the crocodile at Science Center's Aquarium! Lion fish at the Scientific Center Aquarium A close up view of a spotted moray eel Clown fish at the Scientific Center Aquarium purchase photo gallery softwareby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

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