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In March we decided on an off-season vacation to the Greek Islands and Turkey. The first three weeks were spent island hopping with Becky’s parents from Crete to Rhodes and Santorini. Our last week was spent in the exotic city of Istanbul, where we were thrilled to link up with some friends for a mini-reunion. Fun times exploring the city and playing drinking games ensued. Off season travel to the Greek Islands was fantastic! Hotels were significantly discounted, “must see” sights were devoid of crowds, and we were welcomed with open arms by the not yet jaded locals. The weather cooperated most of the time, although we did get pelted with rain on a few occasions. Off season travel to Istanbul was a shock to our senses. Istanbul was packed with tourists, even in early April. We last visited this exciting metropolis fifteen years ago, and just couldn’t get over the exponential growth of tourists that now visit the city. Our next getaway will likely be another vacation to Europe sometime in the Fall.

Robby hiking down to Balos beach; Crete Becky with her parents under St Paul's Gate; Rhodes On our balcony at Old Oia Houses; Santorini Soaking up pretty Oia. It is early in the morning and not another tourist in sight! Reunion in Istanbul! Francisco, Ichi, Becky, Robby, Kendra and George Our favorite kebap stand; Istanbul foto gallery lightboxby v6.1

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