Tunisia – Sfax, El Jem Photos

Photos of the Mediterranean port city of Sfax and the magnificent Colosseum of El Jem.

A terrible dust storm on 22 March descends upon Tunisia (and Sicily as we later found out on the news). We were glad that we were traveling from Tataouine to Sfax today! Our first glimpse of sandy Sfax It was a horrible afternoon to be out and about. Dust and sand got into every orifice while we walked around Sfax Carved archways of the Great Mosque; Sfax Robby beside Sfax's elaborate sandstone minaret at the Great Mosque What a difference a night makes! The next morning, we can actually see the triple arched Bab Diwan; Sfax An hour louage ride later and we were in El Jem to admire its magnificent amphitheater Supporting columns; El Jem amphitheater Not a single other tourist in sight! This would NEVER happen in Rome Exploring the two long underground passageways used to hold animals and gladiators who spent their last moments here before being thrown into the arena for everyone's entertainment; El Jem Colosseum The two of us were simply astounded by El Jem Colosseum...we really enjoyed checking it out Another view of the mighty colosseum. Its mid morning and the first tour buses have now arrived After thoroughly exploring the interior of the amphitheater, we walked around on the outside and were still amazed by its grandeur One final image of the amazing El Jem colosseum (the 3rd largest in the Roman world capable of seating 30,000 spectactors) Since the nearby archeology museum was included in the colosseum ticket, we decided to check out its mosaics Mosaic of a wealthy villa owner in the ancient city of Thysdrus (which today is called "El Jem") The level of detail in this mosaic was a sight to behold Men and beasts paraded to the Roman amphitheater of Thysdrus to meet their fate foto gallery lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

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