Tunisia – Kairouan Photos

Photos of Kairouan, Islam’s 4th holiest city. The Great Mosque is not to be missed! Other notable sights are the medina, Mosque of the Barber, Aghlabid Basins, Bir Barouta well, and Maison du Gouverneur (18th century residence of the former Beys of Kairouan).

View of Place des Martyrs from the top of Hotel Sabra Entrance to Bab ech Chouhada Medina storefront (not yet open for business) Picturesque balcony in the medina Kairouan carpet shop Colorful ceramics for sale One of Kairouan's many mosques Mosque minaret in the medina View of Bab Tunis Sugary treats for sale Fresh bread The Great Mosque, considered North Africa's most holy Islamic site Arched colonnade of the Great Mosque Great Mosque dome Interior prayer hall. The 414 pillars were taken from Carthage and recycled here; Great Mosque Panoramic view of the Great Mosque courtyard Getting lost in the medina Houses tucked away in the medina Beautiful architecture in Kairouan Mosque of the Three Doors Kufic script on the Mosque of the Three Doors Souvenir shops in Kairouan's medina Kairouan Post Office Covered souq in the medina Bir Barouta well (the water is supposedly linked to the well of Zem-Zem in Mecca so believers flock here for a sip of holy water) The poor camel that draws water from Bir Barouta Entrance to Zaouia of Sidi Sahab (Mosque of the Barber) Robby admiring the tilework of the Mosque of the Barber Zaouia of Sidi Sahab's courtyard Becky remembering her visit to the Mosque of the Barber over 20 years ago! The intricate passageway leading to the Mosque of the Barber View of the Aghlabid Basins, a 9th century engineering feat Becky in front of a massive Aghlabid basin (128 meter diameter and 5 meter depth) Bab Tunis, the medina's northernmost gate Massive entranceway to the medina Domes of Zaouia of Sidi Amor Abbada Gorgeous dome inside the Maison du Gouverneur (18th century residence of the former Beys of Kairouan) Becky admiring the interior of Maison du Gouverneur A lady hard at work on a carpet; Maison du Gouverneur Reception hall of the Maison du Gouverneur Playing dress up in the Maison du Gouverneur Cemetery view just outside the Great Mosque We asked a friendly shopkeeper if we could climb his roof for a view over the Great Mosque and he happily obliged View of the Great Mosque (while standing on a nearby roof) foto gallery lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

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