Samoa – Savai’i

Savai’i is Samoa’s largest island but only 24% of the population lives here. It is less developed than Upolu and is a backpackers favorite due to its numerous budget beach fales. We hopped on a ferry from Mulifanua Wharf to Salelologa for only 12 Tala, and rode up to Manase Beach on a public bus. Our home for the next few days was Janes Beach Fales which was priced right at only 70 Tala per person including breakfast and dinner. We rented a car for the day to explore the island and highlights included: swimming with green turtles at Satoalepai village, walking through the Saleaula lava ruins, jumping into Afu Aau waterfall, checking out the Alofaaga blowholes, and crawling through Peapea lava cave. Manase was the perfect place to call home for a few nights with its lovely beach. We originally wanted to stay at Lano Beach (Joelan Beach Fales) as well but a heavy downpour dissuaded us from sleeping there because the fales are built right on the beach and are super exposed to the elements. Oh well, maybe next time!

Buying ferry tickets for the hour ride from Upolu to Savai'i Our comfortable ferry, the Lady Samoa III View of Mulifanua Wharf Savai'i is dotted with numerous churches Ahhh, the simple life. A beach fale and a bit of sun, what else can you ask for? Our home for the next few days, the lovely Manase beach Sunset over Manase Beach Swimming with turtles available at Satoalepai village Scrubbing algae off a green turtle Robby's turn to meet the turtles Playing with a turtle! What 'chu lookin' at? Robby gets some one on one time with a turtle Saleaula lava field LMS Church withstood the lava flow; Saleaula lava field Side view of the church in the lava field The Virgin's Grave where the molten lava flowed around rather than over it; Saleaula lava field Our Saleaula lava field tour guide poses with her newborn baby School boys in their lava lava (skirt) walk home for lunch Hitchin' a ride, Samoa style! Salt water swimming pools - a common sight on Savai'i Every village in Savai'i has its own church Beach fales are the perfect budget accommodation in Savai'i Joelan Beach Fale at Lano Beach The inviting beach fales at Joelan; Lano Beach Stunning scenery on our drive around Savai'i Blessed with beautiful weather on our round the island tour of Savai'i Panorama of a beach fale Walking the kids home from school What a funky church! The Samoan flag waves proudly Interesting front yard artwork Greeted by a friendly kid as we visit Afu Aau waterfall Afu Aau waterfall - and we have this lovely swimming hole all to ourselves! Selfie at Afu Aau waterfall Becky contemplates a jump; Afu Aau waterfall Pretty red flowers; Afu Aau waterfall Stopping to admire the rugged scenery on Savai'i's southern coast The view near the Alofaaga blowholes Coconut plantation near Alofaaga blowholes Lava field of Alofaaga blowholes Every few seconds, a blast of water jets up from the Alofaaga blowholes Panoramic view of the Alofaaga blowholes Abandoned fales near Alofaaga blowholes More rugged scenery as we drive around Savai'i Its a beautiful drive around Savai'i but we wish we had allowed 2 days for our journey instead of 1 super rushed day Peapea cave where several white swiftlets call home Entrance to Peapea cave Robby posing inside the lave cave of Peapea Dusk view of an old church adorned with colorful flags Dusk panorama of Manase Beach Our sumptuous breakfast; Janes Beach Fales at Manase Robby soaking up the sun Beach bar; Janes Beach Fales A view of our awesome accommodation at Janes Beach Fales in Manase Becky strikes a pose with the owner of Janes Beach Fales who came out to bid us farewell Caterpillar infestation! Colorful public buses at the Salelologa wharf foto gallery lightboxby v6.1

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