Honduras – Roatán

Anthony’s Key Resort was offering a 2021 “Run of the House” Special with discounted rates for all categories of rooms on the private key. We signed up for 2 weeks of the SCUBA package along with Becky’s parents. For $1199 per week, we had 3 boat dives per day plus 2 night dives per week, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hillside restaurant, a waterfront bungalow, unlimited shore dives, and free use of kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Not too shabby! Roatan has been on our list as a dive destination since our failed attempt to dive back in 2019 when we got rained out so this was the perfect excuse. In 14 days we squeezed in a total of 44 dives and saw tons of marine life – numerous turtles, seahorses, an elusive frogfish, octopi, schools of tropical fish, and we even got to play with dolphins! So much fun and we were very pleased to have selected Anthony’s Key for our vacation. The laid back island vibes seemed to attract lots of repeat customers – at least half of the resort’s guests were returning guests. The only negative to note were the no see ums which were as vicious as others had reported. They leave an incredibly itchy bite and were a torment at dusk and dawn. Other than that, we loved our SCUBA retreat in lovely Roatan. So much so that we are coming back here for a repeat visit in June of 2022.

View as we land into Roatan Airport; Honduras Anthony's Key Resort - our home for 2 weeks! Striking a pose in the oversized chair at Anthony's Key Resort Where we spent the afternoons trying to escape the no see ums Stairs leading up to the resort restaurant where all meals were included The first of many beautiful sunsets in Roatan Ann walking over to the boat shuttle A very happy Joel shuttling us across to the dive center Pete leading a dive orientation briefing on the first morning after our arrival Queen angelfish Whitespotted filefish Smooth trunkfish Hawksbill turtle munching on coral Afternoon view of Anthony's Key Robby smiles as we head out for our 3rd dive of the day Becky at our Key Deluxe bungalow Happy hour with Bob and Ann 6:30 am view as we wake up early for breakfast before the first dive at 8 am Green turtle with a couple of remora hitchhikers Dive humor Beautiful shades of blue as we cruise around Roatan Scrawled filefish Enjoying happy hour (2 for 1 drinks) before dinner Longnose seahorse swimming to a coral formation on The Odyssey shipwreck Southern stingray October is rainy season in Roatan. Thankfully the storms only lasted a few minutes! Swimming pool at Maya Key Hungry iguana, Maya Key Blue-and-yellow macaw Mayan archaeological display at Maya Key Robby strikes a pose at a display at the Mayan cultural exhibit; Maya Key Carved detail on the Mayan display at Maya Key Bird at the Animal Rescue Center; Maya Key Stelae at the base of steps leading to a Mayan temple; Maya Key Peccary pig Pink ixora Atlantic spadefish Neon gobies One afternoon we had the boat to ourselves along with Lucas (dive master) and Rupert (boat captain) on board the Sabrina Barracuda A school of blue tang Map of the dive sites at Anthony's Key Resort Drum fish Crab munching on coral during a night dive Sharp tail eel out hunting at night Robby, Ann and Bob hopping on the boat shuttle to dinner Grilled fish for dinner A barracuda swims past us Schools of creole wrasse are a common sight in Roatan Island Fiesta night at Anthony Key Resort Garifuna dancers A spotted eagle ray glides by A pair of slender filefish tries to hide in the soft coral Group photo taken at the end of our first week on the Sabrina (Lee, Robby, Becky, Holly, Nick, Merrilee, Britney, Christy, Josh, Bill, Ann, Janet, Lucas, Bob & Rupert) Anthony Key Resort's underwater photographer School of Bar jack School of Sergeant major Flamingo tongue snail Large-eye toad fish Trumpetfish Ann and Bob at the bar for happy hour drinks Cabins on Anthony's Key Flounder French angelfish Golden coney grouper Tiger grouper View from our waterfront bungalow Marcos and Saul - our two excellent waiters at Anthony's Key Resort Sunset over the key Hogfish Horse-eye jack Jellyfish Mackerel Frangipani (plumeria tree) at the Frangipani Bar Soapfish Slipper lobster Octopus Bob and Ann at Maya Key Striking a pose at Maya Key Shaman statue on display at the cultural center; Maya Key Clay effigies Carving on a wooden trunk Robby, Ann and Becky at a Mayan stelae at Maya Key Lionfish that was quickly speared by our divemaster and fed to a hungry eel Lobster scurrying at night Midnight parrotfish with a mustache of living algae on its beak Moray eel Our second week boat crew - Robby, Bo, Jess, John, Lucas, Becky, Ann, Bob and Richard Nassau grouper Sleeping parrotfish Spotted porcupinefish Becky playing with a dolphin at Bailey's Key Robby's turn to play fetch as a friendly dolphin brings him a seaweed gift Sunset over Bailey's Key This cat is not impressed; Bailey's Key It started pouring down rain on our last morning at Anthony's Key as we were leaving for the airport video lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

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