Honduras – Roatán

Our return visit to Anthony’s Key Resort was just as fun as the first time! With the resort handling everything from food to activities for us, what better place for a family reunion? 12 of us flew in for a week getaway with 7 members opting for snorkeling and the rest of us signed up for diving. The marine life was just as good as we hoped it would be with frequent sightings of turtles, eagle rays, grouper, and loads of tropical fish. Our dive master was Edwin with boat captain Dean and we enjoyed our week with both of them. Highlights from our 20 dives were squeezed into a 3 minute video below.

Emma and Grace sitting in Adirondack chairs at the airport in Roatan Our hilltop rooms at Anthony's Key Resort One of the key bungalows at Anthony's Key Resort Grace hanging out in a hammock The garden next to the pool; Anthony's Key Resort Hillside stilt house Calvary Chapel Roatan School of creole wrasse Dive master Edwin surrounded by horse-eye jacks A school of over 1000 bigeye scad Flamingo tongue snail Peacock flounder Grey angelfish Graysby grouper Saucereye porgy Green sea turtle Path leading to the beach on Maya Key Scarlet macaw Saying hello to a peccary; Maya Key Cam and Emma reach out towards a capuchin monkey Fran, Emma, Lexi and Becky at Maya Key Puma resting in the shade; Maya Key A caretaker gets ready to feed a blind sea lion that was rescued over two years ago Hogfish Luke diving next to The Odyssey shipwreck School of French Grunt Tiger grouper Nassau grouper Blue tang Channel clinging crab Spotted drum fish Spotted eagle rays Green moray eel Dolphin at Anthony's Key Resort Bailey's Key, a small lagoon housing the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins of Anthony's Key Happy snorkelers and divers at Anthony's Key Resort Green anole Getting ready for an afternoon of fun on the water Luke carrying his dive gear to the boat A French angelfish hovers near a grazing turtle with Spanish hogfish in the background Jellyfish Spotted spiny lobster Pompano fish Lizardfish Midnight parrotfish Octopus Porcupinefish School of juvenile red snapper Emma, Grace, Frannie and Becky; Anthony's Key Resort Getting ready for another day of diving Afternoon card games and cocktails before dinner The girls getting photobombed by Luke Emma, Becky and Ann getting ready for Fiesta Night Taking the boat shuttle across to Anthony's Key Robby, Emma, Becky and Lexi at Fiesta Night Group photo at Fiesta Night Garifuna heritage dance at Fiesta Night Cam limboing under the bar Dancing the night away at Fiesta Night Hawksbill turtle A pair of whitespotted filefish Great barracuda Bermuda chub Black durgon Spotted moray eel Emma, Fran, Chris, Cam, Ally, Lexi and Grace pose with a dolphin at Bailey's Key Bob and Ann suit up for an afternoon dive Group photo with dive master Edwin and captain Dean Scrawled filefish Slipper lobster Spotted trunkfish Caribbean Reef Squid Stargazer snake eel snapping at a lobster tickle stick Smooth trunkfish Southern stingray Large-eye toadfish Trumpetfish Such a great family reunion at Anthony's Key Resort! Baby coconut trees Taking a selfie with Lexi The shuttle arrives to take part of our group to the airport The other half of our group moved to West End for the final night in Roatan Ann next to a "yield to SCUBA divers" crossing sign Colorful souvenir bag West End Beach Mexican taco shack; West End Still smiling after spending a week together in Roatan! Enjoying sunset at our own private waterside table; West End video lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

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