Burkina Faso

We love Burkina Faso, a wonderful west African nation. Perhaps it is the friendly vibe of the people who have a true zest for life, but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay (and Christmas celebrations) at Banfora’s Cascades de Karfiguela, resulting in a late night danceathon with the village kids. Other highlights included the Domes de…Continue reading Burkina Faso

Pakistan – Islamabad to North-West Frontier Province

Lonely Planet’s introduction of the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) describes it as “stretching for 700 km along the border of Afghanistan, astride the Khyber Pass and other historical gateways that led to India from Persia and Central Asia, and embracing some of Asia’s most impenetrable mountains and intractable peoples…a large part of NWFP’s attraction lies…Continue reading Pakistan – Islamabad to North-West Frontier Province