We have longed to visit Uganda ever since we befriended some Ugandan security guards in Iraq. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to link up with them, but we did get a chance to spend some time in this beautiful country, stopping at its capital city of Kampala for a few days before heading…Continue reading Uganda


This was our “bonus” country as it was not originally planned in our itinerary. Since we had the option of trekking with mountain gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda, we were quite happy that our group was able to obtain trekking permits for Rwanda as we were quite keen on visiting this country. It did not…Continue reading Rwanda


We spent two action packed weeks exploring Tanzania, which was one of the highlight countries for us on the East Coast of Africa. Our itinerary took us from the Kasumulu border crossing with Malawi to Mbeya, onward through the Mikumi National Park, Dar Es Salaam which is a hop, skip and a jump away from…Continue reading Tanzania


Our visit to Malawi was such a treat. We thoroughly fell in love with this country, which is home to many of Africa’s friendliest people. The stunning natural scenery added to the overall positive vibe we got from Malawi, and a chance to lounge around pretty Lake Malawi couldn’t be passed up. Our group celebrated…Continue reading Malawi


We spent two days transiting through this massive country, driving through what is known as the infamous “Tete Corridor”, the section known for the “gun run” during Mozambique’s infamous and long standing civil war. Today, the country is peaceful and we spent a lot of time smiling and waving to the friendly locals. Unfortunately, our…Continue reading Mozambique