Tallinn is a medieval capital city that captivates the first time visitor. In fact, we were so enchanted that we scoped out several apartments in the city when Becky was ‘forced’ to spend a month there for work! Estonia is a wonderful country, full of surprises and breathtaking scenery. Unforgettable images include sitting in the…Continue reading Estonia


Out of all the Baltic nations, Latvia gets the bum deal. Sandwiched between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia does not have “big brother” to look out for it. Unlike Estonia (who shares close ties to Finland & Russia) and Lithuania (who benefits from close proximity to Poland and Germany), Latvia is left to thrive on its…Continue reading Latvia


Lithuania is the Golden child of the Baltics. Vilnius has been proclaimed to be the Paris of the East and it does not disappoint. Not only are there magnificent churches, twisted alleyways, and cobble-stoned streets, but Lithuanian cuisine hits the spot after a long day of exploring. Topped off with delicious beer and garlic bread,…Continue reading Lithuania