We received double entry transit visas for Angola as we were entering this country twice, once to visit Cabinda in the northern enclave, where we just missed the carnival celebrations in the city by a few hours. The second entry was through the border town of Matadi where we spent six days bush camping and…Continue reading Angola


We didn’t spend much time in compact Gabon, but just enough to be mesmerized by its pristine natural beauty and stalk buffaloes and elephants one afternoon at Reserve de la Lope. We did find getting stamped in and out of Gabon to be problematic, as unlike every other country in Africa where entry and exit…Continue reading Gabon


Cameroon has it all, from alluring beaches to dramatic landscapes, to include west Africa’s highest peak (Mount Cameroon, 4095 m). We encountered some of the roughest roads to date but luckily, the rain abetted so no strenuous efforts were made to free the truck from some of the muddiest bog holes. We started our Cameroonian…Continue reading Cameroon


Compact Benin was an unexpected highlight of our west Africa itinerary. We crossed the border from Togo to Benin via the border town of Hilakondji, and immediately headed towards Ouidah, a former slave town and now a center of voodoo. Here, we visited several museums, the Maison du Bresil which served as the Brazilian governor’s…Continue reading Benin