Liberia is an unexplored country that has attracted adventurers seeking to discover this little known destination. All we knew about Liberia was that the country was founded in the 19th century as a project to relocate free-born and freed slaves after the American Civil War. Liberia was the first African republic to proclaim its independence. Our first stop was at the lovely surfers’ paradise of Robertsport. Here we celebrated Christmas with a Liberian church service, a sandman, and a BBQ feast (courtesy of our driver Jordan, Wayne and Aussie Dave), a soak in the sea and a white elephant gift exchange. The next day, we hiked over to the abandoned ghost ship of Tamaya 1, indulged in a lobster lunch, and spent the afternoon relaxing on the inviting beach. Robertsport was such a fantastic place to spend a few days and we really enjoyed our time there. Unfortunately, our next destination, the capital city of Monrovia, was not as pleasant. One of the cheapest accommodation options in town was the STS Compound – Joe’s Place. For $10 a night per person, we had the privilege of setting up our tent at this ant ridden campsite and it was easily the worst camping experience of the trip thus far. However, the city of Monrovia itself made up for our discomfort as we found it fascinating to explore. Our first stop was the legendary 5 star Ducor Hotel that was only in operation for 27 years until the civil war in 1987. With over 206 rooms on 8 floors, it would be the perfect setting for a post-apocalyptic movie. Other highlights of the capital included the massive Waterside Market and the National Museum. After leaving Monrovia, our final stop in Liberia was at the wonderful Kpatawee Resort and Waterfall. Setting up our tent at the base of the waterfall was magical and we thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the private plunge pools there. Our last night in Liberia was New Year’s eve and we camped on a tiny village’s football pitch. An impromptu dance party ensued, making for one of our more memorable new year’s eve countdowns as we ushered in 2024. Our time in Liberia flew by but we made some great memories while exploring off the beaten path. Next up is Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and we can’t wait!

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