Entering Guinea overland through the Kandika border crossing was a bit frustrating because of the surly border guards. They were furious that our tour leader, Chloe, couldn’t speak French and upset that none of us had two copies of our electronic visa (apparently one copy wasn’t enough!). Thankfully,  one of the guards eventually took pity…Continue reading Guinea

Ethiopia – Danakil Depression, Tigrai & Omo Valley

Well, we couldn’t stay away from Ethiopia! This incredibly diverse country fascinated us on our first trip here, and we have longed for a repeat visit ever since. Intrigued by other travelers’ ravings about the Danakil Depression (reputedly one of the remotest, most inhospitable, dry and barren regions on earth, with the added distinction of…Continue reading Ethiopia – Danakil Depression, Tigrai & Omo Valley


We spent quite a bit of time in this lovely country, crossing the border from Tanzania and driving directly to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. In Nairobi, we visited the Langata Giraffe Center which is one of the only places in the world where Rothschild giraffes thrive. It would have been inexcusable to miss the…Continue reading Kenya


We received double entry transit visas for Angola as we were entering this country twice, once to visit Cabinda in the northern enclave, where we just missed the carnival celebrations in the city by a few hours. The second entry was through the border town of Matadi where we spent six days bush camping and…Continue reading Angola