The Gambia

The Gambia is one of West Africa’s most popular and affordable countries for tourists seeking sun, sea, sand and fun plus a bit of nature. We based ourselves in Brufut which is near the town of Serrekunda at Serengeti Beach Camping for the beginning portion of our visit to The Gambia. Our first full day’s…Continue reading The Gambia

Ethiopia – Danakil Depression, Tigrai & Omo Valley

Well, we couldn’t stay away from Ethiopia! This incredibly diverse country fascinated us on our first trip here, and we have longed for a repeat visit ever since. Intrigued by other travelers’ ravings about the Danakil Depression (reputedly one of the remotest, most inhospitable, dry and barren regions on earth, with the added distinction of…Continue reading Ethiopia – Danakil Depression, Tigrai & Omo Valley

Ethiopia – Addis, Harar, Bahir Dar, Lalibela, Lake Tana, Gondar, Axum & Simien Mountains

From the moment we landed at the Addis Ababa International Airport, we knew Ethiopia would be unlike any other country we had visited in Africa. Our first impression of the capital city was actually quite negative – a sprawling metropolis where we were accosted immediately by street touts who had perfected the line of “Give…Continue reading Ethiopia – Addis, Harar, Bahir Dar, Lalibela, Lake Tana, Gondar, Axum & Simien Mountains


We spent quite a bit of time in this lovely country, crossing the border from Tanzania and driving directly to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. In Nairobi, we visited the Langata Giraffe Center which is one of the only places in the world where Rothschild giraffes thrive. It would have been inexcusable to miss the…Continue reading Kenya


Botswana is a wonderful country to visit. We found the people here to be extremely friendly and welcoming (even the immigration officials were excellent ambassadors of their country, smiling and welcoming us to their country and eager for us to have a good time here). Unfortunately, we only had one week in beautiful Botswana, so…Continue reading Botswana