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Snow, snow, snow. Kabul is full of it! We are wondering when it will ever end? We have been told it is one of Afghanistan’s worst winters to date…of course, its our first winter here so we have nothing to compare it to. The city streets are slick with snow and ice but the locals simply strap on snow chains and drive on their merry way.

Yesterday was our “off day” and we were able to visit a refugee camp within Kabul to hand out some desperately needed winter gear. Unfortunately, we arrived a few days too late. Six individuals froze to death just two nights ago and the majority of families living at the refugee camp lack the basic necessities to make it through this rough winter! We were shocked to see women and children turn up wearing plastic slippers in the snow without giving their frozen feet a second thought.

Thanks in part to the generous donations that we have been receiving, we were able to hand out boots, shoes, gloves, jackets, blankets (2 per family!), toys and toiletries to 50 needy families. We realize that we only reached a handful at the refugee camp but vow to make repeat trips there in the future.

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25 Nov – 10 Dec ’04 (Vietnam & Cambodia)

Upcoming Travel Plans: 
India (Orissa Tribal Tour) – Feb ’05
China Silk Road Cities (Urumqi, Turqan, Kashgar & Xian)- May ’05
Malaysia & Papua New Guinea (Goroka Festival) – Sept ’05
India (Pushkar Camel Festival) – Nov ’05  

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