Greece – Hydra

We only got to see Hydra from the fifth deck of Easy Cruise, as we didn’t pull all the way into the harbor and only made a brief stop for photos. However, at just a quick and initial glance, Hydra looks like a charming island. Since Hydra wasn’t listed on our itinerary, we hadn’t researched it, but the opening paragraph of our LP described the island as follows, “Hydra (ee-drah) is the diva of the Saronic Gulf islands – and knows it. The good looks of Hydra town, and the catwalk of its harbor side, still attract a resident troupe of artists, writers and fashionistas among the throng of cruise ship passengers, charter yacht crews and regular tourists. The lingering whiff of moneyed celebrity means that you may pay for the privilege of visiting, but the deal is still worthwhile. A rare bonus in modern Greece is the absence, even from Hydra Town, of scooters and rabid motorbikes. The island has no motorized transport, except for sanitation and construction vehicles. Donkeys and mules (hundreds of them) are the only means of transport. They load the air of the port with more diverting and more environmentally-friendly odors too.” Looking at Hydra Town from our boat, we wished we could have a few hours to wander around its cobble stone, narrow streets and alleyways, but alas, that will have to be another trip some day. For now, we’ll simply have to accept only being able to see Hydra from afar.

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