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China was worth the wait. Our 20 day winter vacation to Shanghai, Suzhou, Yangtze River, Guilin, Yangshuo, Xian, Lhasa, and Beijing was fantastic…so much so that the trip solidified our desire to make Beijing our base of operations for a year or two. In fact, we’ve already scoped out our future school, neighborhood and city layout. You better believe we are already counting down the days till we call Beijing our new home!
Not much else going on in this neck of the woods. Drop us a line to say hey…we always love hearing from fellow travelers.

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  1. You mentioned buying a red jade incense burner from a museum. I think I have the other half of the original pair.

    1. Hi John! Thanks for visiting our site. We very well could have the matching pair…unfortunately, ours didn’t survive the journey back home and shattered into a couple of pieces. C’est la vie!

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