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After 40 weeks in Africa that culminated in Cairo, we decided to put our 2nd passports to use and visit Israel. From Cairo, we flew on Air Sinai to Ben Gurion airport, where we kicked off our Israel trip in the amazing city of Jerusalem visiting the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Sepulchre, Mount of Olives and the four quarters of the old city (Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian). Since the West Bank is just next door, we made a day trip to neighboring Bethlehem, Herodium, Mar Saba Monastery, and Jericho. Another day trip from Jerusalem took us to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve/Waterfalls, The Dead Sea and Masada Fortress. Next up was Tel Aviv where we checked out the beaches, night life and the old city of Jaffa. From Tel Aviv, we took a train north to Haifa to explore the Baha’I Gardens and the walled city of Akko. Rounding out our tour, we took a bus to Tiberias which was a good base to explore ancient ruins, relax on the beaches of the Sea of Galilee, visit the famous churches of Tabgha and make a day trip to The Golan Heights to visit Nimrod Fortress & Banias Nature Reserve. Our last day was spent back in Tel Aviv where we joined the locals relaxing on a pristine beach. We found Israel to be very expensive but certainly worth visiting for a couple of weeks.

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