Fiji – Viti Levu (Pacific Harbour & Suva)

The main island of Viti Levu hosted our last few days in Fiji. We stayed at a lovely villa in trendy Pacific Harbour, which touts itself as Fiji’s adventure capital. 15 years ago, we dove Beqa Lagoon with Aqua-Trek which was a thrilling shark dive. Based on the rumors that the shark dive was even better than ever, we eagerly signed up for a repeat session with BAD (Beqa Adventure Divers). During peak season, the shark dive gets booked out a year in advance. Lucky for us, we were visiting during low season but we still made our reservations a month out to avoid disappointment. Let’s just say the shark dives were amazing and worth every penny! To be in the water with so many apex predators at such close proximity could be foolhardy in some places, but with BAD’s stellar reputation and overcautious dive guides, we were in good hands. The marine conservation program at Beqa Lagoon is a magnificent success story – we dove with over 30 bull sharks, 5 gray reef sharks, 15 blacktip and 15 whitetip sharks and this was in “low” season! We were told that in high season, there could be over 80 bull sharks in the water with us. Two massive thumbs up for the Beqa Adventure Dive team and we highly recommend any shark lover make Beqa Lagoon a top priority. Simply amazing. Other than getting an adrenaline rush from SCUBA, we did a bit of souvenir shopping in Suva at the handicraft market, scoring a couple of nice kava bowls to bring back home. But the real highlight of our stay in Pacific Harbour was an impromptu reunion with some very dear friends from Singapore whom we haven’t seen in 31 years! It was a magical night as we reminisced and laughed our way through dinner and wine. Sigh…and with that, our 6 week adventure to Fiji came to a rapid end. Goodbye dear Fiji and we can’t wait until we visit you again!

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