American Samoa – Tutuila

American Samoa was our bonus Pacific island as it wasn’t on our original itinerary. But once we saw one of our favorite bloggers (X Days in Y) write about how easy it was to hop from Samoa to American Samoa, our interest was piqued. The 30 minute flight across the international date line from Apia to Pago Pago was $150 round trip so there really wasn’t an excuse not to include a visit to Tutuila. We missed our original flight due to Cyclone Donna but the helpful Polynesian Airlines staff changed our flight for a small fee. Little did we realize at the time but the 2 week delay worked out in our favor weather wise which was fortunate since we were really keen on hiking a few trails at the National Park of American Samoa and some of the trails are off limits during inclement weather. Upon arrival to Tutuila, we made our base of operations Evalani’s motel in Pago Pago – a fantastic budget option with super friendly staff, free WiFi and breakfast. After a visit to the excellent National Park visitor center, the staff helped shape our 4 day itinerary using public transportation (since it was Graduation weekend and the rental car agencies had no cars for hire). Our agenda included: Blunt’s Point and the WWII Heritage Trail, Mount Alava Adventure Trail (an ass kicking hike starting from Vatia up to summit of Alava Mountain before descending down to Fagasa Pass and terminating in Pago Pago), 2 Dollar Beach, and Tisa’s Beach Bar. American Samoa exceeded our expectations as we really dug the vibe of this laid back American territory. Samoans are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people on the planet, and it doesn’t hurt that the natural scenery here is absolutely stunning. Without a doubt, we wouldn’t hesitate for a return visit here, although next time we’ll be sure to include Ofu!

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