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Welcome to Think Big Adventures! We have chosen this forum to share our travel adventures with family, friends and anyone else who has itchy feet and a desire to explore the world. We hope that everyone enjoys browsing around and catching up on our latest adventures around the globe. 

In between our travels, we will attempt to post photos/dossiers of our most recent gallivants around the world. However, because we went digital just two years ago, we will only post pics from our most recent trips. While we would love to post some highlights of our 35mm shots, the work involved would be too time consuming. Just drop by once in a while and check out what is new. Happy Travels and Think Big!

Most Recent Trip: Mongolia & Russia- 29 June – 14 July ’04
We took an excellent vacation immediately after our long stay in Germany. We were easily able to convince six members of Becky’s family to join us. This will definitely be a vacation that the whole “Clark Clan” will remember for years to come.

Upcoming Travel: 
Vietnam & Cambodia-Winter ’04   
Sri Lanka- Spring ’05
China, Pakistan & Kyrgyzstan- Summer ’05
Brazil- Winter ’05
Bhutan-Spring ’06   

Work: Despite the allure of life and work in Germany, we were both restless and needed a change of pace and some new scenery. We thought the Middle East would be the answer, but considered our safety to be paramount in our decision making process. Also, we were insistent on getting co-located together so despite several job offers, we declined because our stipulations were not met.
Fortunately, we found an alternative to the Middle East and decided to accept offers in Central Asia instead. While we were originally promised Uzbekistan, we were diverted to Afghanistan upon arrival in Tashkent. Kabul has proved to be an exhilarating experience and we are both pleased to be in such an exciting location.

School: Becky has made it clear that there will be no ’round the world trip until both of our degrees are knocked out so we are striving hard to meet that goal. We just missed registration for classes this term but expect to hit the books hard and heavy next term. If all goes according to plan, we both should be done with our degrees by 2005.

Misc: We have recently been inspired by Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.  He has an excellent writing style with some life changing advice about money management and investing. We highly recommend his whole “Rich Dad’s Series” of books.  Each book is short, easy to read, and packed with information that applies to everyone.

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