Germany…what can we say about this incredible country? Becky’s home for 7 years and Robby’s home for 9 years (Bad Krueznach, Wiesbaden, and Sindelfingen). We both have endless fond memories of this amazing European nation. Landlocked by 9 neighboring countries, we used Germany as our base of operations to explore all of Europe, be it by foot (volksmarch), by car (a few hours drive to Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, etc), or by plane (Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1’s Last Minute Reisen is fantastic). We became certified experts at donning our lederhosen to join in the revelry at Oktoberfest (for tourists) and Cannstatter Volksfest (for Germans), imbibing in way too much liquid fun at Bad Durkheim’s wine fest and Bosenheim’s strawberry fest, thrashing our way through schaum (bubble) parties at Europalace, slathering on baby oil and soaking up the glorious rays of the ever too short Summer sun at the numerous schwimmbads, memorizing the locations and hours of the best bakeries, donor kebab stands, and gelatos (yummy Italian ice cream), and partying like rock stars at countless hip and funky discotheques. We survived several Love Parades in Berlin, the Italian groping session at the Hofbrau Tent in Munich’s Oktoberfest, speed racing down the autobahn, and over-indulging in Germany’s fine eats. Yup, neither one of us will ever forget the good times of Germany…one of our favorite countries on earth!

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