Vanuatu – Pentecost

Land diving, Pentecost. Ever since we heard about the birthplace of bungee jumping, we wanted to check it out firsthand. That was how our trip to Vanuatu was hatched. The problem with seeing land diving is that it only occurs during a small window of opportunity each year, specifically when the liana vines have enough elasticity to safely bounce a man back out of harm’s reach after he willingly propels his body through the air from the top of a 100 foot makeshift tower. After a bit of research, we learned that land diving only occurs on Saturdays every April/May and part of June each year. This meant we had to lock in our plans way in advance, which is problematic given Air Vanuatu’s tendency to change flights at will. Most visitors to the land diving spectacle fly in/out specifically to catch the performance, paying a pricey $500 USD for the day’s excursion. We weren’t keen on rushing in and out of Pentecost without seeing what else it had to offer so we opted to stay a few nights at Noda Guesthouse, run by the fantastic duo of Silas and Vinneth. Silas was able to organize everything from Port Vila via email beforehand while his wife Vinneth ensured everything ran like clockwork on the ground. Noda Guesthouse is nestled at Waterfall Village, which lived up to its name with fantastic waterfalls in the nearby vicinity. And the snorkeling wasn’t too bad either! All in all, we feel extremely blessed to have witnessed the land divers of Pentecost and can never erase the image of naked men clad only in a namba (penis sheath) leaping off a wooden tower to the crowd’s delight and amazement. Truly an unforgettable sight to see!

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