Mexico – Cozumel

Scuba Club Cozumel was offering a 5 night dive special for $599 and we couldn’t resist. Our friends had already told us Cozumel is consistently good, akin to diving in an aquarium and we wanted to experience it for ourselves. But 5 days was way too short so we asked the dive center if they could accommodate two back to back specials for a 10 day dive trip and they happily agreed to our request. Frontier was offering budget flights from Orlando to Cancun, which meant we had to take the ADO bus to Playa del Carmen and a ferry over to Cozumel. This saved us hundred of dollars over flying directly into Cozumel so the extra hassle was worth it. Scuba Club Cozumel was created in 1976 as Cozumel’s first dive resort and it’s motto is “built by divers for divers”. It is unpretentious, simple and very efficient and we really liked the rustic Spanish colonial charm. Upon our arrival, we checked in and were given a quick rundown on when to take our COVID test for our return trip back to the US, how diving operations worked (the dive center is separate from the hotel), and how tips for the staff were designated. Breakfast and lunch were included in our rate, so we had to find dinner on our own which was fine by us. We quickly got settled into the routine of life at the Scuba club and loved it – eat, dive, repeat. Our divemaster, Geiser, was phenomenal and we were thrilled having him as our guide. Diving here was excellent with good boats, helpful crew, friendly fellow divers, great visibility, a strong current for an easy drift dive, and loads of marine life. Geiser found us not one but two short nose batfish, quite a feat considering how rare they are! Unlimited shore diving off the resort was included with our package and we were excited by the variety of life here – flying gurnards, an elusive eagle ray, octopus, squid, stonefish, stingrays, pufferfish, drum fish, and an underwater Mayan temple.  Overall we were thoroughly impressed with Cozumel and wouldn’t hesitate to return for another visit. Great diving at an affordable price just a short flight away – yes please!

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