Spain – Seville, Ronda, Málaga, Granada, Córdoba & Barcelona

We flew to Seville from Lisbon and decided to spend the bulk of our time in the Andalusia region. Our last visit to this part of Spain was in 2002 and we were very curious to see how much it had changed in the two decades since. Highlights of Seville included the Plaza de España, Royal Alcázar and the Seville Cathedral. After picking up our rental car, we drove towards Arcos de la Frontera and then to Ronda. Situated at the top of El Tajo Gorge, Ronda was just as picturesque as we remembered. From here, we hiked the amazing Caminito del Rey trail before making our way to Málaga. The next stop on our tour was Granada and the main highlight here was undoubtedly the magnificent Alhambra. Even though it was our second time touring the complex, it was still as impressive as our first visit. Córdoba was up next and we ate our way through this town trying local specialties. Our repeat visit to the Córdoba Mosque-Cathedral did not disappoint and the peppermint candy cane arches were just as eye catching as the first time. One thing we didn’t remember in Córdoba were the flower pots hanging on the walls everywhere. It was a nice touch since the flowers were in bloom and made Córdoba look absolutely beautiful. After dropping our rental car back off in Seville, we hopped on a budget flight to Barcelona to catch up with our travel buddy Rebeca. Barcelona is a fabulous city with lots of good food and drink options and we enjoyed our short stay here. Next stop is Albania as we take advantage of the budget flights around Europe.

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