We entered the country of Guinea-Bissau from Senegal and immediately encountered rough roads which slowed our progress considerably. As a result, we didn’t quite make it to the capital city of Bissau. Instead, we spent our first night camped on a football field which made us the default village entertainment! It was a surreal sight to have the entire village checking out our every move. Of course Robby taught the boys how to master the classic, good old armpit fart which amused the boys to no end. The next day we finally arrived to Bissau but had to waste a bit of time running around trying to crack the code on where to apply for our Ivory Coast visas. Unfortunately, the embassy in Bissau no longer processes visas for overland travel so the entire morning was a complete bust. We spent the rest of our day finding a travel agent to help us book our flight from Togo to São Tomé and also tried to research boat ride options out to the nearby islands (where salt water hippos can be seen). Since we were short on time, the more affordable public ferry was a no-go due to its infrequent schedule, and we were left with extortionate private pirogue or speedboat options which were way out of our budget. So in the end we resigned ourselves to enjoying the best of what Bissau had to offer since escaping the capital city for a few days was not going to work out. Our first full day was spent on a rooftop pool at the comfortable Bissau Royal Hotel for a bit of relaxation. However, we made up for it on our second day as we spent the entire day walking around the city. Highlights were stumbling upon street art, visiting the craft market, getting lost in the massive Bandim market, and meeting friendly locals. Our last day in Guinea-Bissau saw us tackling the horrendous roads yet again as we slowly made our way towards Guinea, the next country on our overland journey. Again, we had a curious crowd of villagers surround our bush camp site as they must have wondered what on earth dozens of tourists were doing setting up tents in the middle of nowhere! Our time in Guinea-Bissau was too short and we missed out on the best of what the country has to offer but it was a nice first introduction.

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