Norway – Tromsø & Oslo

We were originally scheduled to snorkel with orcas in the Norwegian fjords back in November 2020 but Covid restrictions made that all but impossible. Fast forward a year later and US citizens were still not allowed into Norway. Luckily, everything came together in November 2022 and we finally got to swim with these magnificent apex predators. Was it worth the wait? Undoubtedly so, although we didn’t realize when we booked how precious and fleeting daylight hours would be. By the time the trip started, we were getting just over 4 hours of daylight and we were losing over 20 minutes per day as Norway headed into the Polar Night (a phenomenon where nighttime lasts the full 24 hours). This meant we had very limited time to find and swim with these elusive creatures. Thankfully we did get some snorkel opportunities and those memories will certainly last a lifetime. We lucked out with excellent fellow passengers and had a really great time on board the French vessel Latitude Blanche – Polarfront. Other highlights of Norway included playing with reindeer, chasing the aurora borealis (we were incredibly lucky and saw them every night in Tromsø as well as on board the Polarfront), and spending time with Lars and Andreja who were incredible hosts in Oslo and nearby Hadeland. It was an action packed 2 week trip that left us wanting more. We’ll definitely be back in the summer for an extended road trip around Norway as there still is so much left to discover.

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